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This is a private college and the study costs 2,560 euros a year.

The state of Norway requires that you can document finance of your studies in Norway on approx. 13,000 euros.

The college can help you with your practical arrangements for the study in Oslo:

Application and Requirements: We must receive your application telling why you want to study eurythmy and a biography, by March 31st (non-EU applicants) or April 15th (EU applicants). If at all possible, we will ask you to come for an interview and audition. When you have received a letter of acceptance from us, you can begin the visa process and apply for a student room. Download application form.

The new school year starts medio August , 2014. Non-EU students must arrive by August 1, 2014, for orientation and to complete the visa process.

Language:  Den norske Eurytmihøyskole is an international eurythmy school, and all teaching is done in Norwegian. Students are expected to learn basic Norwegian before they come, and to have reached level B1. Read more. Some English and German poetry are also taught in the training.

Accommodation: Students at Den norske Eurytmihøyskole can apply for a student room through SiO (The Foundation for Student Life in Oslo).All students must have made arrangements for accommodation before they come to Norway. Please apply for an SiO room as soon as you get your letter of acceptance, so you have a place to come to on arrival!

Visa procedure: You will need a letter of acceptance from us and you must have deposited money to document study finance in a Norwegian bank to apply for your visa ( approx. 13,000 euros or NOK 100.000,-). Den norske Eurytmihøyskole opens a temporary account for you in our bank, which you can transfer the money to. You must have a confirmation that this money is in the account attached to your application from us. You can download the visa form from

 You must also have an address in Norway where you will be living. When you have applied to SiO, we will offer you a temporarily address until you receive your room from SiO 6 weeks before you are due to arrive.

What you need:

·         Letter of acceptance from Den norske Eurytmihøyskole

·         Confirmation that you have deposited money in Culura Bank

·         An address in Norway

·         Visa form

-         Photos


Marit Vigerust, our student adviser can give you some guidance in these procedures. Contact her through dneeurytmino . We look forward to hearing from you!

 JOB OPPORTUNITIES:  As a student, you are allowed to work max. 20 hours per week. The study is a full-time study, so you will have to work in afernoon.

 SCHOLARSHIPS: After 3 years full-time studies in Norway, you can get a scholarship from the government, Statens Lånekasse. Norwegian students can apply for loan and scholarship from Statens Lånekasse.

Quota Student: If the college has a formal agreement with a foreign college or university, you may be accepted as a quata studetn. For further info.:


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